Well, This is Awkward

So, this is a little awkward. I’ve always been bad about putting off work until the absolute last minute, but I guess that only applies to things that have a deadline. Apparently, having your own blog does not require one. I literally have not posted on this blog in one year. To the day. That’s … Continue reading Well, This is Awkward

I want to remember

“You’re going to have to work pretty hard if you don’t want this to scar.” I have a pretty good poker face about 90% of the time. But occasionally (that 10%), I can’t always keep what I’m thinking off of my face. And this was one of those moments. I had fallen and scrapped up … Continue reading I want to remember

Pretty Dang Tired

I’m pretty tired. I don’t want to say I’m exhausted because I think that word should be reserved for mothers of small children and nurses. But I am very tired. It’s the kind of tired that only comes after you’ve been pushing yourself without a break. The kind of tired that comes from trying please … Continue reading Pretty Dang Tired


I haven’t written in a while. Actually, it’s been about eight months. So I guess that’s a little longer than a while. There were certain circumstances in my life that stopped me from writing for fear of what it might be interpreted as, for fear and lack of time, laziness and quite frankly, lack of … Continue reading Ambience